The Planning Process

Financial planning is and must be an ongoing process. Before you begin, you should prepare yourself for a long range relationship. At Wealth Planning Group, we are committed to the benefits of a long term financial planning based relationship with our clients.

The process begins with the collection of information about you and your current financial situation, your goals and desires. This is followed by a detailed discussion between you and us to clarify any important information that may affect your financial future. We will help you understand the relationship between risk and returns and how it affects your financial planning. After these detailed discussions, we will work to clarify realistic objectives, discuss expectations, and develop time frames for exercising your plan.

After this, we will present a detailed financial management plan designed to help you pursue your objectives. It will include appropriate actions steps for you to take to move your financial future forward. We generally offer multiple strategies that pursue goal achievement through financial products and services distributed by LPL Financial. After discussing your alternatives, it is now time to take action and implement the final plan.

Once we help formulate your Financial Plan, it then becomes critical to monitor your progress. Markets go through changes and your financial situation may go through changes, therefore it is vital for us to fully assess your financial situation often and assist you in adjusting course, as needed. It is of utmost importance to understand that financial planning is a process that must periodically be reviewed to assure that you are on target to pursue your desired objectives.

At Wealth Planning Group, it is all about planning. Over the years, we have developed specific planning services to help address your needs. Specifics for these services are described in the WealthPlan 360 and WealthPlan Focus section of our website.