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At Wealth Planning Group, our financial professionals specialize in advising successful individuals, families, and business owners. Within the context of a comprehensive and individualized financial plan, our goal is to do three things:

  1. Help our clients define what is truly important to them, simplify their financial lives, and pursue their dreams.
  2. Provide personalized wealth management services that help them accumulate and seek to protect their capital; then when needed, generate the necessary income in a tax efficient way to strive to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.
  3. Build a legacy for the ones they love and the things they care about

We work for our clients as we would for our family and aspire to develop long term, meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity, and outstanding service with mutual respect.

Our Team

Amid an ever-changing investment landscape, investors need a professional and experienced partner who can guide them through the intricacies of investing and financial planning.

Robert P. Engel, CFP®

Robert P. Engel, CFP®

Co-Founder | LPL Financial Advisor

Benjamin Engel

Benjamin Engel

LPL Financial Advisor

Our Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Process

At Wealth Planning Group, our financial planning is and must be an ongoing process.

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Our Investment Management Services

Cost of Advisory Services 

When constructing investment portfolios, at Wealth Planning Group, our approach involves a “top-down” process.

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Identify & Prioritize Individual Goals

Assess Risk Tolerance and Time Horizon

Initial Asset Allocation Decision

Balance Active Management and Index Funds

Portfolio Implementation

On-Going Monitoring

Legacy-Estate Planning

Estate planning is an essential consideration for people of all ages – the earlier, the better. Too often, many people put it off — sometimes until it’s too late. The time to begin developing your estate plan is now, otherwise, your estate, your assets, and your wishes could end up not being met.

At Wealth Planning Group, Irvine, CA we are not attorneys and thus do not draft legal documents, nor do we render legal advice. However, we do work in conjunction with your chosen Estate Planning Attorney.

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Tax Planning

An important consideration in your financial plan is to manage your tax liabilities. Thoughtful tax planning can help minimize your tax burdens today and for your future estate. Tax savings then generated can be deployed towards accumulating additional capital to apply towards your financial goals.

At Wealth Planning Group, Irvine, CA we do not prepare tax returns however, we do work in conjunction with your chosen CPA or Tax Professional. 

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