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WealthPlan Advice Services

WealthPlan 360° is designed to address the comprehensive financial needs of our clients, touching all of the cornerstones of our clients’ financial lives. Based upon the individual needs, this service includes, but is not limited to, financial consulting, progress monitoring, projections and future cash flow needs to meet specific goals; asset re-allocation analysis; legacy planning; and investment tax planning. This service is brought to our clients via a Web-based financial planning software that allows for world wide access to daily valuations and updates of our clients entire financial lives, all on a secure network provided by LPL Financial and Wealth Planning Group. This platform allows for immediate access by multiple advisors all of the necessary data needed to serve on a client’s behalf.

  • Comprehensive financial advice-based relationship
  • Integrated web-based financial organization tools
  • Easily integrate multiple professionals with your planning
  • One-on-one consulting with Attorneys and CPAs
  • Financial needs calculations

WealthPlan FOCUS is designed to address specific consulting needs of our clients. Whether it’s a comparative retirement projection or a sample probability study of capital needs, Wealth Plan FOCUS is a flexible modular service that allows our clients to choose what is most important to them. We have the ability to consult on retirement needs, education needs of children, cash flows at death or disability, modeling various rates of return flows, and many other services. WealthPlanTM FOCUS provides flexible planning options for our clients.

  • Retirement projections
  • Education projections
  • Capital needs analysis at death and disability
  • Project consulting
  • Business strategies
  • Hourly consulting