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Client Clubs

Client Event Clubs-  The purpose of our Activity Event Clubs is to provide you, our clients, with a value added activity that may be directed toward your specific area of interests.  Once you select your club preferences, our staff will stay in contact with you and make sure you are invited to our scheduled events within that specific Club.  Participation requires only your time but we encourage our clients to bring a friend, family member, or colleague along who shares that specific interest.  In providing this structure of ‘Club Events’ we intend to provide a more meaningful connection with you and your loved ones by supporting your interests.

Outdoor Activity Club-

This event club is perfect for our clients that enjoy spending time outdoors.  Interests such as Hiking, Whale watching, Star Gazing,  Bike riding, or even Golfing, may be organized.  

Join the Outdoor Activity Club:

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Cooking /Dining Club-

For our clients that enjoy all things about food,  culinary interests, wine tasting and dining, this club is for you.  We may have events throughout the year from Dining at a special restaurant to an Exclusive Wine tasting event.  Also, we may have a cooking classes to help feed your interest in preparing and cooking foods.

Join the Cooking/Dining Club:

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